Marionettes 10th anniversary

Arthouse Gallery is excited to present these significant works by Samantha Everton to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her award-winning series ‘Marionettes‘. The exhibition has been installed and can be viewed at the gallery from today. These viewings can be conducted over video call or through the windows of the gallery.
Dates: 21st September – 16th October
Arthouse Gallery
66 McLachlan Avenue, Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011

Now represented by Contour Gallery, Rotterdam

Indochine at Anthea Polson Art

hua niao, pigment ink on rag
17 June – 30 June 2018
Anthea Polson Art
Shop 120 Marina Mirage, Seaworld Drive, Main Beach, QLD 4217
Ph: 07 5561 1166, W
Gallery Hours: 10.00am-6pm 

Trang Pham Documentary


Vietnam 2018 – Trang Pham & Samantha Everton featured on Chuyển động 24h Vietnam

Indochine receives honourable mention in International Photography Awards 2018

Indochine receives honourable mention in International Photography Awards 2018

3rd place in px3

Works on paper (Arthouse Gallery)

Blue Wish
Blue Wish (Marionettes, 2011) is on display at Arthouse Gallery as part of its ‘On Paper’show.

‘On Paper’ brings together new works by twenty-one Arthouse Gallery artists interpreting and experimenting with the paper form.  Created specifically for the show, the works consider the aesthetic valency of this often undervalued medium. Historically, paper is rooted in utilitarianism, used to disseminate and record information or as a planning tool for artworks. The pieces in ‘On Paper’ subvert this outmoded perception, positing paper as a fertile contemporary medium. In this way, paper vacillates between form and function, practicality and aestheticism, art and everyday – a unique modality that differentiates it from other art-specific mediums. The show celebrates this liminality by revealing paper’s vast potential, from the intricate, stained surfaces of Belinda Fox to Joshua Yeldham’s hand-carved prints, the experimental paper assemblages of Emma Walker, Katherine Hattam’s characteristic book-page collages, the bold ink landscapes of Ian Greig, Aaron Kinnane’s debut abstracts on paper and much more.

Dates: 12 April–29 March 2017

Arthouse Gallery
66 McLachlan Avenue, Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011

130 years of RMIT Photography school

RMIT’s photography school is 130 years old, and over its lifetime, it has produced a lot of practising photo artists, including me. To celebrate, RMIT has curated a show featuring work from 60 former students.  Photography 130 focuses on the ways RMIT photographic students and staff have reflected the shifting cultural, social and political climates of Melbourne and Australia over the last 130 years.  Camellia, from my Vintage Dolls series, reflects on the changing nature of multicultural Australia, and the tension between tradition and change

Check out the exhibition:

Behind the lens: 130 years of RMIT photography

Art Nation

Arts Nation from Julian Walford on Vimeo.

Vibrant Laneways Project

vibrant laneways